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My Biography

Hello my name is Michael Curry Jr. I am a Computer Programming and Analysis major. This is my third semester here at Valencia and if things go as planned I should be graduating in the fall semester. However, I am thinking about adding the Computer Science A.A and transferring to UCF. If I decide to add this degree path, I will be at Valencia a little longer. I would like to continue my education at UCF and earn my Master's degree in Computer Science. I decided to take this class for two reasons one being that is required for my degree program and two I have always wanted to learn how to create a web page using HTML. When I was younger, I used to use the HTML templates that were available on Myspace to create a profile and I always found it fascinating how these different tags created the design of the page. Ever since then I told myself that I would eventually learn how to create a web page without having to use someone else's template. Since enrolling in this class I have found that I genuinely enjoy doing this and may possibly do this for work in the future. When I am not busy with school work, I like to go to the movies, travel, go out to eat, play video games, or just relax at home and listen to music. Unfortunately, I do not get to do these things often due to being super busy with school.